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Parent Volunteer Information

Volunteer Commitment

The Warson Woods Swim Team is parent-volunteer organization. The Hurricanes could not exist without the help of each and every family whose child swims for the club.

Volunteer Information:

Upon arriving at a swim meet, volunteers should check in with the Volunteer Coordinators (usually located at a table near the entrance) to get a name tag and supplies needed for your role.

Each of these roles is very busy, so if you have a young swimmer, you may want to designate another parent/friend to assist them. Remember, we are usually in full sun so be prepared by bringing a large water bottle, sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen. Volunteers should not be drinking alcohol during the meet.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Timers (10): Stand at the finishing end of each race; uses stopwatch to time each race and records the time legibly on heat cards.
  • Back up timers (2): Starts timer at beginning of each race and if another timer has a stopwatch malfunction, will take over as timer for that lane for that heat.
  • Bullpen (3): Supervise swimmers in the bullpen. The bullpen is the area where the entire swim team will sit. Parents are encouraged to keep their child in the bullpen. Parents are ultimately responsible for getting their child to the chairs for their races. You will be looking at the heat sheet to gather swimmers; usually this is done by calling their name and looking at their shoulder for names. Line up 3-4 races/heats worth of kids. *There is no horse play in the bullpen. If a swimmer is not following your directions after a warning, they should be sent to sit with their parent. Please do not ask the coaches where a child is, as they are extremely busy during the meet.
  • Chairs/Lane lineup (2): Receive the swimmers from the bullpen volunteers and seat swimmers behind the correct lane for the next 2-3 heats. This is the last check in for swimmers prior to entering the blocks. The races move very fast (and this is the goal) so the chairs should always be full.
  • Card Judge (1): Circles the middle time of the three, averages the times if they are less than 0.3 seconds apart. Assists the volunteer entering the scores.
  • Ribbon Writer (3): labels each place ribbon with the swimmer’s name/time label.
  • Runner (1): Picks up all heat cards and place-pick cards from timers (both teams) and delivers to score table.
  • Judge’s Assistant (1): Picks up score cards and disqualifiers from the meet judge and delivers to score table.
  • Water (1-2): Fills cups of water and delivers to timers and other volunteers from both teams.
  • Concessions (2): Works concession stand

In addition to the administrative team that leads the club for the season, each meet requires on average 20 volunteers (more for home meets) to run efficiently, fairly and safe.

We ask that each family volunteer for two meets per season. One of the volunteer spots need to be either as a timer or bullpen worker. It is a first-come, first-served system.

You may waive your volunteer duties in advance by buying out at a cost of $80 per meet (if you waive all volunteer duties for the season, the total is $160/season). This amount is payable by check to Warson Woods Swim Team.

In the event of an unforeseen, sudden conflict with one of the meets for which you've volunteered, there are two options:

1. Switch with another swim team parent.

2. Notify the swim team and we will find a paid substitute for you.

For liability purposes, you may not make your own arrangements for a paid volunteer. This allows us to ensure that substitute volunteers are responsible and trained to work with our young swimmers.

Please remember:

1. The conference meet is NOT included as one of your volunteer commitments. Every family with a swimmer competing in the conference meet will be required to work a shift at conference.

2. Your swimmer will not be able to participate unless you have signed up for all of your commitments or written a check for your buy-out(s).

3. Failure to meet your volunteer commitment to the team may result in working extended shifts during the meets for which you are available or at conference which is an all day event.

4. With the exception of emergencies, no-shows for volunteer commitments will result in a $100 fine. Accounts will be suspended until the fine is paid in full.

These rules are in place to be fair. When one person in a volunteer organization fails to meet his/her responsibility, it places an undue burden on the rest.

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