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Time Trials

Time Trials are typically held at the beginning of the season. Swimmers swim each stroke while being timed. These times are entered into our software system and used to place swimmers in the correct Heats for Swim Meets. Please encourage your swimmer to not be nervous about Time Trials. This is great practice for swim meets!

The 2024 Time Trials will be held Monday evening, June 3.

Time Trials:

  • Allow the swimmer to practice taking off from the blocks when hearing the "starter" (the loud horn that sounds when it's time to dive in the pool), which prepares them for swim meets.
  • Establish a baseline time so swimmers can see their progress over the swim season.
  • Allow coaches to observe if swimmers are "legal" in their strokes - using the correct kicks, touches at the wall, etc., and then work to correct anything that would lead to a "DQ" or "disqualified".
  • Help coaches can determine which events are best suited for each swimmer for swim meets.
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